It's more about messy drawing

This new graphic approach is more about drawing, and lots of working over shapes to get the forms and curves right along with making them fit with more detail, flowers, fauna, bunnies and birds. I am back to pencils and eraser— working from light blue to indigo. None of this body of work is final but more the blueprints (scanned in as low res, rgb, PDFs )— not the black and white, min 600 dpi scans. Feels more loose and fast.

I started the illustrator symbols library yesterday. Colorforms for Q. More parts, more to play with. It somehow seems odd that I liken my “art” to play, my “art” to toys and not to big ideas and deep thoughts. However, that is play is intrinsic for now…an investigation of taking this apart and then putting it back together and having things that are recognizable and interesting. The next step will be to find a concept around which to test this idea, approach. I am thinking either old Noye’s Fludde, or taking a clue from Edward Hick’s peaceable kingdom…perhaps doing one for this neighborhood in North America, but then a tropical one, a frosty one, a deep sea one? More to ponder.