short week: whaddah week

Bees’ Trees, Q. Cassetti, 2010, pen and ink. (work in progress)Rob is off for a few days in Toledo to get a refresher on flat glass technology and production with an associate. We have more heat and work predicted as its a short week and the short eight weeks before fall. I think there may be some discussion of Holiday Cards (a favorite of mine) today via a phone meeting. I know there are a few “crash and burns” that are instantaneous turn arounds and hopefully, If I am very lucky, I will have a chance to breathe. Kitty and Nigel will be pressed into action. I need to equip Alex with whatever retrofits we can get him for his job (ie read expensive rubber gloves and his trying out our Dansko selection for his feet). He is a day on and a day off with the week of Grassroots off to help with the volunteer work which he enjoys and the music which he really loves. It is a tremendous thing that Grassroots is the hook for volunteerism and community pride for little Trumansburg. It will be an event that our children, as others have, will come back for before Christmas, Thanksgiving and anyother “normal” holiday. It is community, class reunion, family reunion, music and friends all wrapped up neatly in a four day music event.  And I think Kitty and Alex already are of this thinking.

Yesterday we spent virtually in the water, drying off and back in the water. Some of the drying off had to do with sleep for some, reading for some, hanging with friends for some, and a few swipes of the trusty pentel pocket pen for some (read: me). Then it was back in the cold Cayuga to bob and splash to get the core temperature down to something tolerable. I made pizza again from the new tried and true recipe from King Arthur to everyone’s praise and satisfaction. Used up all the leftovers I had around and it really, to use a phrase a friend uses, it really “came good”. More this summer on the pizza front. The key, I think is a big dose of semolina. We finished trimming the hedges, with Rob proclaiming wisely ” often and frequently” re don’t let the hedges get out of hand as its harder to trim with the green stuff going woody. I am on it. But the hedges and the nice lawn makes the Luckystone so much more elegant and we are going to get this yard in order in short order. Even the pruning we did of the smaller trees and trumpet vine all adds up. Thanks to not having prep for graduate school and then graduate school offsite and then the spin down from graduate school took away from my attentiveness re bushes and shrubs and making nice for the home team. Now I have the luxury to do that once again.

Its almost 8:30. Time to get the troops mobilized. Time to gather the milk bottles and water bottles. Time to wrangle the cats and get at least, Mr. P. B. White back to the house. Time to turn off the fans, close the windows and check to see if the refridgerator has failed again, or not. Whaddah week.