Independence Recap

We had an impromptu little dinner and gathering for4 of Alex’s friends and 3 of Kitty’s friends yesterday. Yes, there was floating in the cool depths of Cayuga Lake. Yes, there was pizza dough making and the traditional fourth of July meat burn. The guests and their hosts stayed up late, sitting on the end of our dock to watch the 180 degrees of fireworks around our part of the lake from Aurora to up the west side of the lake, to closer to our home shores. Nothing too spectacular, but plenty of color for free. Rob and Alex cut bushes in the morning, trying very actively to make us not the disgrace of our neighbors and I really should go out and give him a hand this morning as it really is a two person activity and I am lolling around waiting for laundry to get finished so I can hang it (the beauty of the lake) and writiing in this blog.

I was studying the Lubok book yesterday and thought about the work. What was it that was speaking to me? Was it the content? or the style? Love the content but really cannot get my head into it…but find threads that I have worked with unbenounced but love the style and this was what was keeping my attention. Lubok is another folk style to understand and moosh with what I am learning from the Pennsylvania Germans and other folk traditions that intrigue me. I feel that there are stylistic chops to be taken from all of these artforms including those decorative objects and folk traditions (like the Erzgebirge Christmas things or the Polish Easter objects or those wonderful little shrines and decorative “thank you for healing me”placques that the Mexicans make to parallel a two dimensional expression of the same). So it is chop making that can be applied to any topic. Sometimes for bees, sometimes for folky interpretations of things in my world, possibly folky translations of ideas that are now….for instance recession or the oil spill. Lets let this pony run a bit and see what happens.

More in the lake time today. There will be a hotdog burn for lunch/dinner….and not much else. I need to get my head together to have a stern talking to with one of my kids who zigged instead of zagging…the Mother is not happy with  the lack of problem solving. I need to be focused and eloquent…not resorting to blowing the roof off the house in my unleashed passion and anger…over something that is maybe remedyable…or maybe not. But, if there is a lesson here…I need to point it out…as an adult and not the Kali of song and story. Where is my belt of the heads of my enemies?