a lovely long morning.

http://nnm.ru/blogs/redfox11/andrej_kuznecov_lubki_na_sovremennye_syuzhety/There is an amazingly funny and skilled illustrator working in the lubki style and fusing it with modern folklore, just as his lubki predecessors used tales to make their russian stories. I am still puzzling over translation programs, but if you want to see a body of work and his interpretation of these modern folktales (yes, from films like Harry Potter, Spiderman, and Frodo/Golum from the Lord of the Rings) you might want to click over here>> Doesnt this guy totally nail it? and he hasnt gone overboard with the shading etc. Need to puzzle over this. The cats encourage overebellishent, but these little comicbook frames demand less to tell their snapshot stories. Hmm.

The picnic yesterday was fun. We met all sorts of new people, new ideas and a request for my bee art at a local shop. Maybe some bee tote bags? 
And some preframed gliclees. I need to darken their door to figure this one out. The dish to pass table groaned with the clutter of dishes. And you know, I brought a wooden salad bowl filled with tabouli and a heaping platter of this wierd but great watermelon salad (watermelon, salt, pepper, onion and mint). And dang, if it wasnt vacuumed up in no time. And I swore, last year that I would bring enough. Need to think this one out. Something portioned (like a golf ball shape)—falafel? So you can make a heap of whatever—but maybe vacuum is what happens…and I just need to make MORE of the stuff I am bringing and call it a day. Simpler is better actually.

I had a nice chat with Tracy Craig who runs the Nonesuch Radio, a museum writer and the producer of Rutabega Boogie Productions (bringing musical acts to town) about her world, her adorable dog, and the potential of “what ifs”. Inspired and inspiring. I would like to get to know her better. Some lovely art people I know want to hang out. I need to make that happen. What is it about the Ithaca Trumansburg people that make me feel so embraced and included? I am so so lucky.

Shady Grove made friends with big and little. Kitty found her circle. And Rob was mixing up like crazy—and making ideas and contacts real. The sky was painted in golds and blue with clouds that Maxfield Parrish would have quivered over. We scooted when the electricity in the sky threatened. Off to the Pourhouse to hear the Rocking Steady Family Band…which was delightful. All in all a very fun day complete with swimming in beautiful Cayuga. Maybe some swimming today—but from my breezy perch surrounded by sleeping pets with their fur ruffled by the wind, it might have to be pretty convincing.