Salad Days

The Fellows Derring-Do and Good Fighters Too is just an illustration of a popular “open” wrestling match in which the winner gets a prize: two soft-boiled eggs. Such matches often took place during the celebrations of Maslenitsa (Shrovetide) and Semik. New cat illustration up in the Atelier “Lubki Inspired” section. Not great illo but inspiring. I built it using the blob brush and building individual brushes in illustrator. With all the antics trying to do a Lubki Cat with all the texture that is dug into those pictures, it really gave me a better shot at looking at artistic brushes versus pattern brushes (which make borders and corners and the like). These artistic brushes really have got the calligrapher in me excited…and learning how to freehand draw the vectors versus point and drag which is my safe go to…is great.

However, learning to make and use these tapered brushes (on both ends) and seeing what happens when the splines/ paths get longer or shorter, and the  power of these brushes to save time and, when thought out, present something that is still “handmade” in look and feel. I am doing to do a few roosters or chickens to accompany the big cats before I try a few silly people pictures. I am going to draw the lines in my book, maybe do the complete rough in ink, and embellish the drawing with these tapered and textured brushes. Too, too, cool. The other thing I keep doing which takes time, but is worth it, is converting the brushes to paths and merging them all together as a single layer of color. This technique should be interesting in the next go round of the work for the Hangar as the images may be more hand drawn next season. Maybe. the vector images really did work this season. And big! You know how I feel about large scale vector work!

Everyone went out with friends last night but me. I came up to the breezy lake and sat on the porch and did something novel—I streamed “play now” movies on R’s iPad which was amazing. It was so fast, no hiccups, good overall. I watched two indy movies, one in the mode of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” only it was Jewish/Muslim and the other, a documentary called “Jesus Camp”—startling and yet, believable. It was really nice. The fridge decided to die again…so there wasnt much fun with that.

This morning, Kit and I went up to Sauders for semolina (read, more spinach and feta pizzas), bulgar wheat (tabouli) and other odds and ends including my favorite present—full sized gummy fried eggs and full sized gummy chicken feet. Who wouldnt be thrilled with that sort of gift. This afternoon is a dish to pass at the “Annual Mammal Roast” extravaganza. I have salads to make (tabouli and a minted watermelon salad) which should be fun. Alex is working. Kitty is engaged with friends. Bruce, Rob and I will have dinner at the Pourhouse to hear the “Rockin’ Steady” Family Band (Reidys and Stockings). Such a creative group…it will be amazing. 

Grassroots is four days and counting. The tents are being put up. The portapotties are dotting the landscape. The portable stage has arrived. There are some campers on the site. Great excitement in the Burg over this holiday of sorts for the community. They are building the wall of beer. Nuf said.