the tribe grows restless

Looking for pig reference for a new illustrationThe beat for Grassroots begins. Grassroots is the local music event in Trumansburg which starts a week from this Thursday through Sunday. However, for the locals—the planning, and music starts at least two weeks in advance. Jackie Merwin is playing cuts from some of the musicians CDs on her radio show along with reading the schedule and pointing out acts she likes and why. The Rongo, Pourhouse and Felicias program with Grassroots in mind along with special prefestival concerts and performancessktchy hop that Keith Frank will play Wednesday night before the Festival. Families are coming into town and gathering, a Christmas in July, camp, to play and make  music together before the big event. People have pre festival parties to introduce old friends to new ones, playing cuts of the music they hope to hear. There is a huge picnic next week as part of the warmup. Dish to pass— and what to bring? Last year it was a salad bowl of tabouli which was consumed immediately—so def. that…and I was thinking of a couple of deep dish pizzas seeing that I can make the crusts in advance to I would just fill and bake off before the event? Spinach and feta sounds good.

We will really know its that time of the year, that Grassroots time of the year when they construct the famous (at least for all 600 of us that live in the village) “THE WALL OF BEER”. I am going to put something in the art barn at Roots…and am thinking that maybe the beehive valentine biggie will go….looks good. Looks big. And then there is the prefestival volunteer work where the locals build the festival, pitching tents, decorating and some even build new structures that are for the kids. But this year, there is a bandstand for our new farmers’ market which is on the roster

The pig is here to remind me to get the move on for Alex’s second annual “Sausage Fest”. This event was held last year for Alex and the Cross Country team (as a birthday party—without saying birthday). We had a wall of Lady Gaga (which the crew loved…big output from the Epson). We had teeshirts with Sausage Fest on it…and its become somewhat legendary amongst the bro attendees. So, if it worked once, it will work twice. Alex has told me that it needs to be a pale pink shirt (it was salmon last time) and we are working out the image/saying. All pretty funny…the guys will love it. Now, the Gaga theme came together with Kitty and me at the computer and printer…and hanging it as a surprise. Now the boys have ideas…it may have to do with “My Life as Bro” or as “Jersey Shore”—we will see. All I can say is that there will be a pig on the shirt (like last year) done by yours truly. Pen and Ink or Scratchboard? I am doing a faux scratchboard technique of putting black down and working into it with my pentel correction fluid pen. Maybe I should just use the tools? What is holding me back…fear of failure? maybe…

Need to cut loose with the illos. Feeling like I have pencilled myself into a corner that is a bit tight. Now…I just need to start moving the new brush to see what evolves. Sounds like a pigpict.