diddlie nothings

Just back from a little walkabout on the back forty and the new Nigel Yard. Its curious when one gets rid of a layer of shrubbery and blackcap wands, the weeds and the detrius that springs up uninvited, that a whole need image appears of paths, of new places of new vistas. So, we are almost a year in with a new bit of property, and we just have begun to peel back the wildness to see new things. The apple tree I discovered in the side yard and we liberated a bit, has apples (unsprayed) that are quite noticable and nice. I think we may take down one of the giant uninvited walnuts down to give the apple trees (discovered another) a bit more of a chance to flourish.

Man of LaMancha at the Hangar was great. Some creative stuff with the staging, use of abstractions in props and costumes to make the audience do a little work. And I had missed what a sixties show it was, but clever Peter Flynn did not and leaned on those buttons pretty hard. Made for another charming summer night in Ithaca.

The heat broke a bit to all of our pleasure.  Alex is working today. Kitty has a party and I think I will be inking and laking. I am a bit fired up with the receipt of my samples from Spoonflower (still trying to understand how to get you to a page of just my work). I ordered swatches of a bunch of stuff just to see the fine-ness, and the different weight and quality of fabrics. I am itching to design some fabric to cover these two backed benches we have that have faded dull fabric. Something snappy, something black and white maybe? with yellow? or green? So maybe some squares will be drawn just for this purpose. Bruce is here working on stuff on his computer.

I should break to get some lunch going. More later. need to talk branding…