Greenery abounds

Mother's Day for Peace, Q. Cassetti, 2010, mixed mediaWe went zydeco dancing last night at the City Health Club with the whole tribe and had a good time. Margery Pask, a very energetic and positive teacher got us to do all sorts of things...and with the music and mess of people, it was fun fun fun. We have two more classes and then our graduation at Oasis, a dance club, with Walter Mouton leading the bill. So, immediate payout once we learn the basics. Kitty and Alex were right along with us. More to come. I will have to get used to following better.

Today is Kitty's eighteenth birthday. I know I will sound like an old fart by saying this, but my, my the time has flown. Birthdays are for parents to remember and for the children to look forward. The icing on my cake started this whole new adventure as parents and formers of a small person, old soul, who needed to be channeled and pushed, encouraged and praised and now we have the fruits of our happy efforts in this wonderful person I am so pleased and delighted to say is a member of my immediate family. It was so nice to see the good chemistry that our girl has with her brother. Her happy spirit and lithe form dancing about in front of the mirrors of the practice room--twirling and happy, filled with joy in being with others, doing something new and dancing. It was a glittering moment when she joined us on this spinning orb, and she sparkles as she leads us all in laughter, discovery and action. I am once again, blessed by her presence in my life.

Again, I write before breakfast tour begins. The work still piles up...but I seem to be getting a good hold on it and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Tonight is a dinner for family for Kitty. I have some marinating to do for something on the grill. I have a pickup of some yummies at the Regional (40lbs of organic chicken thighs for around $1.70 a lb. and two cases of pesto). Tomorrow morning we go back to the Amish to pick up flowers for the house and giving.  So onward. Illustration can rebegin soon.