Under a rock

I have gone silent. Totally silent. There is just too much on my plate to do anything but focus in a breathless, almost manic way on moving forward on all the work and still manage to keep all the gears moving in a positive direction. I am squeezing a little note in to you between the wakeup call and the breakfast call which is immanent. Then there is the driving and then back to the desk with more work. I havent forgotten you. We visited the Munson Road Amish yesterday before work to see their plant stock and assess what we would like. I bought 4 leggy, lacy lavender, some mint and some nicotiana (all plants our deer friends despise). The selection was great as well as the fresh asparagus from their field...so it was a good respite for the work. Today, we start our dancing lessons at 7:30. The whole tribe> zydeco dancing. I hope its fun. Kitty's birthday (18) is tomorrow. We have the neighbors for dinner and then a bigger kid event on Saturday evening. I hear footsteps...Later>>