no sugar here.

Wayne Thiebaud inspiration, Q. Cassetti, 2010Cold day. Still trying to catch up...but seeing the end of some of the projects. I have posted some cakes I took pictures of at Totino's Cafe in Horseheads...As you know, I love taking pictures of cakes whenever they are good as I would love to make a body of cake art inspired by Wayne Thiebauld, a San Francisco painter who is a fresh kick in the booty every time I see his work.

It was Rob's birthday: day two last night. We had a quiet dinner with Ron and Mary..with lots of talk around the prom and medical issues in the family. Love medical issue talk. Makes the sauerkraut so sweet.

Tomorrow is dancing. I got a brand new, used and broken in pair of black cowboy boots for dancing ( from our new and wonderful store, Funky Finds, here in Tburg) for only  $30. Surprisingly, I find them more comfortable than anticipated. Our last class is tomorrow, and then our graduation is at Oasis at the end of the month with Preston Frank. Should be fun. We are all going (kids too).

Friday, Kitty and Alex leave early to go on the weekend Outdoors Club trip to the Delaware Watergap with some whitewater canoeing. Alex had a wonderful time last year...and is looking forward to the trip. Kitty has decided that this is the trip she would prefer to going on the Senior Class Trip which is a few days at Hershey Park--which, I can't blame her. Snooze Fest.

Had a great meeting with Peter Flynn at the Hangar. The doings are very exciting there...and the fall season from his detailing sounds wonderful and very spirited programming. I wll be helping them with the graphics for that program as well. Some portraits/ some strong graphics. Need to move on that sooner than later. We will need to jumpstart the year to get the theatre working on a more regular schedule with a better handle on the scope of publications and print they produce over the course of the year.

Two nice things:  My Bee work was selected to be on the highlight list at Behance  or here>> Another one is that the poster I did for Bunch for The Star of Bethnell Green (in November 2009) will be in a show from May 25-28, 2010 at the Red Gallery, 1-3 Rivington Street, London. Now, I am an international me! Wahoo!