EOD Monday

Yukako and Rebecca's corsages from Vine Garden Florists, Q. Cassetti, 2010Phew. A moment to myself. Sorry I have not been chatty recently, but I have been busy making memories like the memory fairy that I am. Friday was work and then down and back to Horseheads to pick up the complete James Bond outfit from Mens Warehouse (talk about an operation) to Saturday with shuttling for hair, corsages and then the finishing and prepping the pre prom dinner for eight (the foreign exchange students, their dates (one being Kitty) and another couple.

Alex was all figured out by his prom date, so we cut strawberries and got him tied and buttoned, and of course, photographed for the big event. Vine Garden Florists did a wonderful job with the flowers down to how they were distributed-- in a glorious grid that allowed Kitty and me to oogle and awe over who got what and what color was the dress>? After the beauty parlour buzzing with proms and weddings (complete with Champagne set up for the members of the party) our heads were awhirl with glamour and glitz and fabulousity that put our meager little party to shame. But wait, we didnt know about the cars.

Alex went off to a show stopping picnic by a waterfall...and a wonderful time. Kitty had the foreign exchange students and their dates (she was a date) and two more for dinner provided by the staff (read Mr. and Mrs. Cassetti, we know how to serve). We had a ton of pictures that I bossed them into giving me..., we had food and fun, multiple desserts and then the Rotary sent a member's antique cars over to take the tribe to the prom. Lets just  say that was the cherry on the top of the sundae. Everyone came home safe and sound with Alex winning a door prize. A computer? No. A clock radio? No. A gift certificate? No..... A paperback Bible! If one were to read anything into it...what could one surmise? I have many answers to this that I will not bore you with...but its all pretty funny.

Sunday, I  had my hour interview with Jackie Merwin on the Bohemian Potluck Show on WVBR (93.5 fM) about my engagement in the local music scene. I made a bunch of prompt cards (thank goodness) and  after Shady Grove activated the alarm system in the minivan waiting for me...she was then allowed to sit on my feet which settled both of us down and from what the boss said, I did a good job. So...onward. First radio interview, done. Bring on the next. I was amazed at how easy it was...and how I didnt ummm and ahhh my time away. After that, we celebrated Rob's Bday by splitting a sandwich at Shortstop and then driving down to Horseheads to return the James Bond costume (and not ringing up extra charges) and home to pick up the sleepy teens to go to dinner to cheer on Rob for another year! We went over to StoneCat and had a great time seeing friends in crowd and having a moment to talk with the amazing Scott Signori who we all are tremendous fans of not just his cooking but his total adorability and spirit-- which is another affirmation we are living in heaven on earth.

More tomorrow. My bee book awaits.