05.13.2010 @ 9:26 pm

Its sick, I know it...but the crunch of all the "yes, no problem" volunteer work which, as expected all hit, late...has been fun. Breathless, but fun. I have had a real bonding with InDesign ...learning all sorts of new things-- like how to turn the artboards around, how to use the secondary guides etc. It has been, albeit under pressure, quite rewarding personally. The end is in sight. I have tapped Kitty and her friends for really good photography. I have made friends with strangers over Facebook to get images, to get information and to network for this publication. It truly is a brave new world of accessable content, content that to many of the providers has no value until an editor (read, me) sees a place for it and then, kaboom, value. Take that to another/higher level and think of the future opportunities. And for that, I am grateful and introspective. I need to stew on this for a while before I can be salient and distill down the "key learnings' (one of my favorite corporate phrases) and be able to articulate them with out edge. It was chilly today...fleeces and wool shirts...but still promising to be spring without the snowflakes and hail of last week. The Regional has a lovely sale of things from granola basics like dried blueberries, raisins, dried cherries, dried cranberries, and organic raw sunflower seeds (5 lbs for $5.) to nice oil, cheese "orphans" to the more exotic. We had haircuts by Thea (and good ones!) for prom in the kitchen of all the guys we know. Tomorrow its the dinner jacket pick up, the patty shell bake off, the shortbread making, and strawberry mascerating for the multiple entertainments in the near future. I have started another bee book from an insect vantage point that is as rich and chewy as Robbing the Bees by Holley Bailey. More pix and more stuff to come. Need to turn in as the dancing the Mamou last night has definitely taken me to another place.