40 and chance of showers.

Spring Iris Bed, Q. Cassetti, 2010Another pedal to the metal day. I am seeing the end of the yearbook...its in sight. I have been scrounging pictures from Kitty and her friends on Facebook, digging into my own mom archives and seeing what the team has...so its editorial pressure along with retouching (even lightly) the images to take them from RGB to CMYK, adjust the resolution to work etc. Lots of color correction with basketball imagery (can you say grainy and yellow?). Ah well. The end is in sight. Forgive me, this has been my spare time recently, so the addage about "all work and no play ...." pertains very much to this gal. Dull Girl to say the least.

We shopped at Sauders on Saturday and then prepped Kitty's birthday (from the notes below). Sunday, we took Alex to Elmira to rent a dinner jacket for the prom this Saturday. He was very specific...no colored tie, no colored vest, no spectator patent leather shoes, no no no. He has been watching James Bond and talking randomly about "gentlemen's sports" so he was direct to the poor clueless gal waiting on us who "knows" what "good" is and that we had definitely gone off the tracks on this one. White shawl collar dinner jacket, black pants, black tie, standup collar, pleated shirt, silver accessories, black shoes. Not sure about the cummerbund, but that is part of the package (which I think is hilarious as the only thing you can keep are the socks)...but its top of the head to the tips of your toes all in one rental package. And, I am sure if you want a hat, a cane or whatever else in the pimpin' mode, the rental company would be more than happy to oblige. While he was being measured, Kitty and I went to gawk at the bridal store next door to our amusement. Then it was back to the office with Rob going to the concert at the Rongo for Mother's Day and I yearbooked. I did take a little break to cut up bars of Irish Spring soap and wrap them in old onion bags and hang them from my new apple trees (who are thriving). Take that deer! The big fat peony buds are on the edge of popping and the lilacs are out.

Rob's Birthday is this Sunday. Prom is Saturday with lots of rushing around having to do with hair and clothes and flowers. I am having the foreign exchange students and their dates (one being Kitty) for dinner prior to the prom. We should have a little family gathering for Rob and I need to dive on the present while I have time. I know what I want to do...I just have to do it.

Alex is down for breakfast, so I need to go say hi and stop playing hooky. Hope to send you a little cheer later today, if I can.