In the chair

Waiting in the chair at Satori, the hairspa experience. Quiet, happy buzz and I have coffee and a bit of time for you. We are quiet as all the guests have flown-- and the play has finished-- so we can roll to the next round of plans for Kitty and Rob's birthdays, our new class on Wednesday to learn to zydeco dance (the whole crew-- kids and all) and the community build at the Tburg farmers market.

I have been asked to be interviewed by Jackie Merwin in her May 16 th "Bohemian Potluck" radio show. We are going to talk about my work that I have done with local musicians-- illustration, design and the like.Should be interesting-- about 20 minutes of talk and 20 minutes of music. I should get her the Carol Elizabeth Jones CD as she is part of the mix and connected to the bubble of old time musicians here. The Chokers are playing at Grassroots-- need to think about a possible poster--something limited edition and the "gotta steal" poster of the season. Hmmmm.

So the cast party was great on Saturday. Adorable kids who seemed to have a good time-- and ate everything but 15 baked potatoes which have been chopped and reconfigured into soup (Alton Brown has an amazing recipe that R proclaimed that you would pay for in a restaurant!). I will link later today... Here comes the beauty..... Must go!