Woodstock and Sally looking for Woodstock's girlfriend, the wormPhew. Got the Hangar Theatre work in hand. A few more hours on the posters and brochures and I think we will have it in the can. I got a sheet with their palette and logo iterations which is good (albeit after the fact) and feel that some heavy duty templating of this work will make it run more smoothly, drive a more consistent image and make a better impression which to my thinking is pretty amateur right now. There has been some tremendous work done in the past, but it hasnt been managed and those tools need to be put in place. Plus, with the amount that they ask of local businesses and individuals, the plea for valued volunteers should be part of every publication. If you get the volunteers, you will get donations and all the rest as your audience will have more skin in the game than just ticket purchase. Just a thought.

Night two of the play was good. The afterparty at the Woodland Roadhouse couldnt have worked out better. Everyone ate, had fun and took pictures of each other. Now, we are up an at em for a trip to Sauders for the Baked Potatoes and bagels tonight as well as the boys will be heading to Geneva to have Alex's new bike realigned to fit him. I must run off,but will log in later to say Hi.