Thursday afternoon.

Where has the week gone?

It feels like Thursday from last week...only what happened to the seven days inbetween? The seven wake ups, the seven lights out, the seven sunrises and sunsets? It's all a blur. Can we just just stop the time a bit so we can savor these longer days?

I love the Hangar Theatre. Love, love, love. Lots of great energy and not enough time (yet) to put forth the story of what the Hangar is completely about. Affordable professsional theatre in your own backyard. Equity actors directed by celebrated directors right on Lake Cayuga. Original writing. National, professional shows tailored for local audiences. Affordable excellence. Stay local, engage nationally.  Left foot, right foot. I will be helping them get a lot of print out the door in the next few weeks. We will be having a meeting in the next week or so to get into the details.

Am working on some graphics for the Museum of Glass and their show for the West Bridge this fall. Its fun as it's Sabon and it's ligatures. So, I need to do some applications for that today along with moving and grooving with some publication work. The pace continues albeit I am still managing to keep my head above water. Need to clear the desk once the freebies start hitting as I am going to be very busy for the month of April just with that work.


F L A X  B A R N  S A L E  2 0 1 0

Friday, April 23,2010 10 am-7 pm
Saturday, April 24, 2010 9 am- 5 pm
Sunday, April 25, 2010 11 am-4 pm

Tops Plaza, 725 South Meadow Street, Ithaca, NY (RT 13) in the former Office Depot.
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