Spring back again

Bee Goddess Melissa inspired by Early Greek Jewellery from the Rhodes Necropolis , Q. Cassetti, 2010, pen and ink.Its been pedal to the metal here. Lots of rush turn-arounds from doing some pretty obtuse image research (on my subscription rights free photography site, which is a bit thin on the obtuse), to corrections, publications and revisions. Not to mention new work. I am saddling up all the horses and teaching people new stuff to help move the work forward.

I've been reading a great Dover book on bees:  The Sacred Bee in Ancient Times and Folklore (Dover Books on Anthropology and Folklore) which details how bees are part of many/all cultures, language and lifestyle. It is wonderous how intertwined traditions and language are inspired by bees, the hive, the community, honey, wax and all that can come from these creatures. 

"Go to the bee, and learn how diligent she is, and what noble work she produces, whose labours kings and private men use for their use, she is desired and honored by all, and though weak in strength she values wisdom and prevails."    from the Old Testament

Mead, honey as food and the centers for honey and wax making seems to be popping up in the little bit I am perusing in the Slavic and German areas of Europe. I am loving the hive and the houses that people make for the bees from logs, to logs with thatched roofs to the wonderful portable buildings (like yesterday). There were some great paintings from these bee box ends that either refers to local stories, biblical stories or antics with bees and bThis little picture today is inspired by an early greek medallion that is posted widely on the web. I like it that she has an Egyptian headdress which references the skep so happily. I am working in the color in photoshop and then illustrator trying out some new things. I should have the colored one done soon.

The daffodils are telling us its spring. A spring cold is sweeping the house, so chicken soup is on the stove. I made some nice pizza (crust) yesterday thanks to the great King Arthur.  It is double baked and the amount of semolina really puts it in another place. It was so good, the home team suggested I do it again (and simpler the better...forget the chirzo next time). I await my new mixer (stripped the gears of my nice big Kitchen Aid) and have  a 1000 watt Viking on the way. Hopefully a trip to Sauders this weekend will be in the plans. We actually are running out of stuff. Imagine!