Advent Calendar Day 11

Santa v2. colored, Q. Cassetti, 2010, pen and ink/colored digitally, from the second Advent Calendar Project.Copy to come. Lots of planning and busyness as we speak. 

Met with Alice about the concert on Friday and walked through the where and whos, how and whatnots re the details of everything from food (cider and cookies), to where the performance would happen, and where the singing would happen, to all the ootses like parking and seating. I got up making lists as did Rob, and I think we are in a better place.

I made some granola, some creamed chicken, the stuff from whence stuffing is made (everything but the bread), and picked a chicken. So, I have a pile of bones for this week with a few more feast day foods in the freeze. Rob and Alex put the swags up around the bannisters and front door. I decorated a few wreathes (from Sams). We are migrating stuff that has been just hanging around….so there is progress on that front.

While waiting for Alex (midnight) Rob and I watched “White Christmas”. I was struck by the graphic quality of the visuals and the insultingly dumb roles that everyone had, but most particularly, the women. Only job was to have a trim little figure, a head of blonde hair, a willingness to break into song at any moment or be swept off her feet in dance. These gals were a “laugh a minute” but smart ( “Smith Girls” were cited)…and would make one of the gents a great person to bear and rear the next generation. These women were not thought of beyond arm candy…even the smart ones….who were, not the slutty ones, but the ones you married. I was also struck that this type of film was something one went to theatre to see…not in the living room, but the real theatre…and probably got dressed up to see it. A time within our reach, but beyond most peoples comprehension. All very curious…and odd. I mean the premise was to drive traffic to an old friend’s ski resort in Vermont through putting on a “show” in a barn bigger than the Hangar Theatre. Of course the other reason for the men to go through these hoops was to hang out with the smart babes, drink buttermilk and discuss sandwiches (with picks and olives on the top), and woo them (maybe with a song or two). it was rife with emotion around the war, and the gathering of the old group to celebrate Christmas as they all had projected when they were in the Army together. Again, beyond our understanding….


Time machine…and I am in it.