Advent Calendar Day 10

Holiday wreath, Q. Cassetti, 2010, sharpie, from t he Second Advent Calendar ProjectChit chat later. Just wanted to get our picture up.

2:51 p.m Back from a productive trip to Ithaca:

We went to the dump and had a truly enlightening and simple experience taking care of the tons of recycling we had tout suite! It was great.  A happy maker. Then, Rob dropped me off at Maine Source and he got his haircut. I got granola fixings, some cheese, some stuff to cook to prep the Christmas Turkey event on the early side and freeze. All in all, good shop complete with two bags of salt for the snow and the annual windshield ice scraper.

We headed to Lowes and bought a new dishwasher (current one has failed)—a floor model that we got an extra 10% on top of. Loaded it into the Wonderbus and rumor has it that Dave and Rob will install tomorrow.

Swinging by Lowes, Rob suggested we look at cars (remember the year end car thing…we always look at cars at year end…and its torture as it is car shopping with a deadline of December 31. Also, remember our searching for cars last spring summer? And Rob was shopping for “my” car. Well, this girl got a bit huffy about someone picking out her car (that she was going to pay for) and said that I would make that decision…which I did…today! We are getting a 2011 Jetta TD wagon. Cute and fun to drive. Snappy…good ergonomics, all that great german styling and engineering. Couldnt be happier. Love Maguire and their non negiotiation/best price deal…the price is the price. So, now all I need to do is figure out how  I will structure the money! And,  no more car torture whatsoever! Might need to get some snow tires for this thing! (oh, its grey with a black interior for those who care). And the sunroof!!

Enough retail. I think we single handedly jump started the economy today. It is so curious…we always do these master blasts on one day ( one occasion was a big sofa and a car and something else)… So, the car and dishwasher totally fits.

We are off to a track meet (SUNY Cortland) later this p.m. as Alex is running the first heat and we will go and cheer him on. He has been twitchy (poor guy) and nervous.