Regionals were today.

From the Sketchbook Project. Q. Cassetti, 2010, sharpie and prismaWe had the team last night for about five pounds of pasta with pesto and cherry tomatoes, a salad and two full loaves of bread. It helped, but given a very cold, wet day…they were beaten slightly by Newark Valley and came in second (to their chagrin). So, no trips to the States for this crew, but second place for regionals isnt anything to sneeze at. Next stop, the team dinner Saturday night. What to cook. I need to make something nice for tonight as I am sure my boys will be starving.

Spent two and a half hours in a rather mind numbing CSE (Committee for Special Education) meeting at the school this morning. Long long long and complicated. All of this is so interesting…how people learn and the environment, the teaching, the reinforcement, the way people are encouraged and in other situations, managed or reprimanded.  There is no right way to teach, to learn…and the schools often take what works for the norm/ for most…and it becomes the way things happen. No kid is the same, and when a kid doesnt fit within the range or standard of learning, this is when we come to play. So, I am learning a lot about the interplay of sociology, psychology, physical therapy, special accomodations, one on one work, and tools to create a good environment for kids to learn…and there are many.

More branding with my big client. We reviewed color (pressproofing all the colors) and tints and I hope/think we have a palette we can live with. We have a font. We have an understanding on how this new look and feel might begin to play itself out. We have a start of the image type/photography type. So…its left foot, right foot…and we will see what will happen over the course of the next few months. Then, we will help to roll it further. Had a nice call with Edible Finger Lakes. Will need to get an image together for their Winter pub…and will do that tomorrow. I am thinking the coziness of home (home sweet home) might be the one…Need to lay that out tomorrow.

The cats are yowling. Time to make dinner.