late afternoon

More holiday fun. Am a bit worried about getting these done in time for Thanksgiving. It going to be a push…so I have been running full bore at this. This cat looks okay in black and grey…but odd in brown and orange which was the initial approach. Ah well.

Rob got home safe and sound late last night after the election t.v. gorge of CNN and the like with the amazingly vacuous conversations and discussions, the emptyheaded approach to lots and lots of moving graphics, countdown clocks, slider bars with percentages, and the horse betting approach to who won the race the moment the polls closed with around 2% of the votes in. I was dumbfounded that this carnival with women in brilliant red jackets and lipsticks, other less brilliant but more opinionated looking as if they were missing a few nights sleep. Then, the pompous know it all talk from the tea-partiers, from the new leader of the House and its business as usual. I wish to heaven we could get out of our own way and really see, and solve the problems at hand versus continuing the circle dance that keeps happening in Washington. Its all anticipating and guessing. It was all talking heads with all sorts of know it all schmarty pants crap. I find it amusing but highly irritating as the real issues are glossed over, one more time. Oy.

Tonight we have the top seven xc runners for a carbofest (pasta with pesto, bread, salad…maybe some sort of baked thing if I can get my booty in gear to do that). Rob brought goodies back for the boys from the fab Rockmount Ranch store— so maybe a fashion show from Alex and Rob for them to decide which shirt they want to keep.

Gotta go. New projects popping up as we speak. oy.