grey Monday.

Sunday was quiet. Kitty stayed home from skiing and collaged and drank tea. Rob cleaned out cabinets in his pursuit of a more orderly kitchen as well as organizing furniture to make the living room more homey. Mandy was in and out. Bruce left us with hope to join us in a month or so. Alex skiied to his delight in the terraine park at Greek Peak--testing his new skiis and seeing if he could do some tricks. I made a chocolate cake, a pan of rolls, a leg of lamb, a pot of soup (leftovers reconfigured), a bread pudding with the left over cinammon buns, a tuna noodle casserole (from the reorganization of the cans courtesy of R) and a mac and cheese for later this week. It was cooking central. The three pots, bread hooks and paddles on the mixer were heavily pressed into action.

The snow has melted and we have a dreary day that would be nice in April (as Kitty said this morning)--but its cold weather time which seems so wrong. The water in Rabbit Run is churned up and very high this morning. I bet Taughannock Falls is raging.

I am still enchanted by these black and white silhouette images. I am going to let this horse run for a while and then pull back and edit out 4-6 pieces to color and see where that goes.

Speaking of color, Steve R. on Facebook, tuned me into this wonderful too that interfaces with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. This tool is called Kuler, a color picking tool that you can use to create your own palettes, or start with someone elses--and once they are finished you can save down to your programs on the desktop. This will give me a chance to really create strong palettes prior to coloration versus my go to now...which is plinked and planked an plunked around taking a lot of time just to get to thes starting place. So, I am psyched to try this out...and join that coloration to that of Live Paint (a terrific function that Illustration has as part of it's collection of tools that allow quick recoloration and selections). We will see...but good stuff on the horizon.