We lost one guest today...but back soon. We will lose another tomorrow but back soon. Alex has a track meet at Cortland tonight. Kitty a party. Bruce and Mandy went off to Bar Angus and the Woodhouse. I made a ton of cinnamon rolls (not too sweet). All in all it was a peaceful evening. Today laundry and catch up. I do not think I will be making any bread or the like today. Illustration awaits.  

I have busily been looking at silhouettes on Ebay to learn more about the look/feel. Carol and Murray recommended an artist/illustrator, Diana Bryan whose work is silhouetted and very dear--and really references the cut process in the illustrations but also in the cut metal work she has.  She keeps her work simpler than mine (my need to embellish and decorate is a sick thing) down to the features of her faces to the shapes of her forms.

Rob is here ready to go to Ithaca and is inviting me to come.

Gotta go.