Double order

I wrote a post and lost it yesterday--- and unfortunately lost patience with my work and borked it. Sorry for the delay. Technology got in the way of progress.

Am working on logotypes for my big client and for the freebies. Some nice work-- I am enjoying the teasing of type and the back and forth with a symbol. It feels almost like illustration. Surprisingly, I have been thinking more and more of the type of work I love and logos are top of the graphic design heap. I guess the logo process and headset overlaps that of the illustration world which explains my attraction. I also love the whole tinkering with single words or lines of type. Tinkering with line breaks, widows, hyphenation and those tiny details I am less enchanted with.

Had a great meeting with the Museum of Glass yesterday in Corning. We will be tweaking and amending quarterly publications we do--with some good insights and ideas from the client that should help to focus this piece. While I was at the Museum, I had the opportunity to stand in line with the employees to get a swine flu innoculation which was quick, efficient and pretty painless. How nice to get that done. I also toured the shops at the Museum ( a treat in itself) and found a bunch of glass lampworked beaded jewelry at 75% off which I cleaned up on for valentine's day presents for my friends and clients. I also found some adorable, believeable glass candy that I can leave behind on my up and coming trip to New York City. My colleague and fellow Hartford classmate, Jackie Decker and I are on a panel (one of many) to judge the Student Exhibition at the Society of Illustrators. Jackie's Connecticut neighbors have a NYC apartment that we will be able to use when we are there. Thus, the need for something wonderful to leave behind. Thank you Corning Museum of Glass. I am beyond Thrilled.

I have another double recipe of the Cracked Wheat Topknots (see Rongovian Cuisine above) which we are going to overbake to crunchier...Barbara and I are planning the next round which we will freeze (half the recipe) and see how that works. This bread baking is fun and quite productive. I iced the other chocolate cake from the freezer yesterday (per Alex's plaintive plea that he wished we had more cake!) with a coffee based chocolate icing which was pretty much recipe free....and turned out well. I wonder which cake I need to make next. Seems like I am on a cake roll (!) these days.

This illustration is part of the growing group of just black silhouette inspired pictures. Going to see what happens there. More later. Sorry once again for my tardiness.