Foggy bottom.

Yesterday's dinner went without a hitch. The rolls (see the Cuisine button above) were a big hit along with a very rich cake, a bigger than big pork roast. Everything was devoured happily with lots of happy talk and happy people. Must do this again soon.

I was so sidetracked by Ida Bohatta yesterday, that I never had a chance to tell you about Sauders. Sauders is the Mennonite grocery store in Seneca Falls that everyone raves about. And now that I have been there, I have joined the clamor about this great store. First off, everything is neat and tidy. They have produce (I think it is local) with sparkling potatoes and brussel sprouts, apples and the like. Along with that there are aisles upon aisles of bulk food in portioned containers of everything from soup mix and jello to esoteric flour, baking goods, vanilla in every shape and iteration. There literally is an aisle of sprinkles and jimmies.I got deep dark cocoa powder and yeast, bread and normal flour, cinnamon and spices by the big container for pennies on what it is at GreenStar or Weggies. We bought ice cream sandwich cookies (and made them for dinner) along with bread and cheese, meats in quantity and a deli of John Martin cold cuts cut and packaged by beautiful Mennonite girls in blue dresses. More beautiful girls (in pink dresses) at the check out that just made my day. There is a Mennonite bookstore with plain books, cookbooks, children's puzzles and bibles. They also have long wind chimes and dated tea towels (very nice and old fashioned). I was totally charmed and plan on going back as soon as I can sneak out.

We had lunch in Seneca Falls at the new boutique hotel, Hotel Clarence's dining room, Divine Cafe. It was a wonderful menu that was nicely served and delicious. High quality, very affordable. I had a lamb sandwich on flatbread, others had barbeque. Kitty had a BLT with cucumber. I recommend making this part of your Seneca Falls experience.

Kids and Rob are home for Martin Luther King. We have Bruce and two more for the antics will abound. Everyone seems to be having a wonderful time at our unplanned House Party. I feel quite English in saying this.