Bathing Beauties Mark Twain Day, Mono Lake, California
Burton Frasher Sr. 1888-1955
Pomona Public Library
Courtesy of Pomona Public Library

Just discovered this nice site for imagery/ideas called the Calisphere, which is the University of California's Online Digital image resource. It rocks. I was searching random names (one being Mark Twain because I got some good images from Berkley of his wife, Olivia Langdon, and wanted to see if they were here too). They were and this appropriate image for mid August, Mark Twain Day at Mono Lake in California. Lovely gals ready to display their pulchritude albeit some don't look too pleased in the picture ( I am thinking that the gal on the far right is maybe shy...and not cranky like she seems).

Yesterday was hot, so took two long dunks in the lake (an hour each) and in between took Kitty to visit a friend, Alex napped and I drew pictures of a Christmas Tree. Rob weeded the beach and anything else that would come across his the beach is looking quite swanky as are the hosta that are readying themselves for the big white trumpets we get around Labor Day every year. Rob also arranged an online appointment for the Wonderbus to get a new windshield as a pinpoint pop has become a runner that has spread.

This week promises more heat through Wednesday and then showers. A college friend is here for two nights...and we hope to entertain him with the best of the region (music at Felicias, the Farmer's Market, Waterfalls and if he stays, The SufferJets (our roller derby gals). My pal Peggy arranged for us (4 women) to sponsor an ad for their program. I designed it (big type/black and white) with our referring to ourselves as Mothers of Invention. The copy is about the mothers celebrating the sisterhood. These Roller gals all have Derby names (the leader is named Chairman Meow as a for instance). The Ithaca gals have numbers that mean well. We have boy cheerleaders (very Itown) in zip up car mechanics suits. And, they really get the crowds. So, we will see.

I am very wound up about getting Kitty to get the work done for her AP classes. She is, I think, oversubscribed and will not be successful with the workload she has in place. So, I am going in to see the guidance folks and lessen the load a bit as she will have college applications and essays to do in addition to the schoolwork. I am losing sleep over this and the whole college thing...and dont quite understand why I am so whipped up about this. But, I am. So, planning and changing things are my ways of coping and dealing with the onslaught.

Alex has his new glasses and seems to think he looks great in them (which he does...a young Yves St. Laurent look). He is loving being able to see. I guess maturity and sheer blindness has given him the confidence to wear these specs though we have bought them and had them for a while...he just needed to be more dire with the vision. He is looking forward to being able to start driving...and is anxious to get going (unlike K. who could care less cause she has us to drive her). Alex happily started cross country preseason training happily today despite the promises for 90 degree heat. There will be plenty of cold water tonight in the deep Cayuga!