Summer is here

The weekend has comprised of our dunking in the water (as summer has blossomed into hot days with hazy heat), doing odd jobs, cooking and visiting with our former neighbor who has the prettiest boat on the lake and likes to make the journey to park off our dock and visit. We had a nice little potter out at cocktail time last night with all of us visiting and talking. It was pretty close to perfect.

I have a vicysoisse in the fridge and a salad made up of dinner is done for today and I can write a bit here...if I have anything to say.

I have started reading the book Murray suggested, The Art Spirit, by Robert Henri to try to shake the malaise that has settled around me about my work. I am in the introduction and it is very good, very true and very inspiring intellectually. And this is just the beginning! However with my work right now, pretty much everytime I pick up a pen, I cannot hit my I need to keep trying to do this--as it sure would be a waste to lose my confidence and start spiraling. More valentines are in order just to keep my hand in. I was musing over Christmas trees too. I wonder when/if I will hear from Crane and Co. I hope?~! They said a month or so...and its exactly in the middle, so we will see. I just sent my submissions to the Society of Illlustrators Illustration West 48 show (for early next year)--so that is done. I just need to get the water out of the engine and get going. I should keep us the one hour portraits too...they seem to pop and def develop the eye.

So instead of writing you...I am going to draw. Tomorrow, then.