Synthetic (cubism, that is)

I love this period of Mr. P. Picasso's work (admittedly, I like a lot of his periods)--that of synthetic cubism. These little jewels of decorative illustration are happy moments of color, shape, form, found objects and beautiful compositions. I just put these out there as a way to make the day a bit nicer despite the rain (which is making a lot go mouldy these days). There is a lot here to take as inspiration from the palette to the happy wallpaper patterns to the idea of these little domestic scenes that do no more than welcome to to have a cup of tea and contemplate what's next. No one is going to get riled up from this stuff.

Today, finish the Jiri portrait, pack and organize. The money grubbing teens are anxious to get outside to clip and prune more. I wonder if they can make this happen prior to the downpour we are scheduled to get.

Both of the cats are sneezing, a very disturbing sound and experience. MeiMei has the sniffles which adds to the auditory experience. I am happy they can stay here on the porch and nurse their maladies and let me leave them to their illness. Shady is snoring and moaning in her sleep. I am going to get her going to wake up the two under 20.

Need to think about the non Holiday, Holiday card. I am thinking a growing theme a la Craig Frazier. Plants, vines, trees, a natural approach. Maybe how man is represented? or could man and growing be fused? Also, a synthetic cubist just comes down to what. This is going to be a crash and burn as soon as it hits. Feels like the holidays now anyway. Its in the fifties and I am wearing a wool shirt. Thats trouble in July.

Oy. More later.