dinner time.

It's late. Sorry I haven't had a chance to breathe. Its all coming together. Tomorrow, I get the paper to wrap my work. All the prizes are packed. All papers. I need to gather and compile art supplies and the computer stuff. Had a bit of fun making some woodgrain brushes in photoshop. But, there is the wacom, the memory stick, pens, ink, blue pencils, black pencils, erasers, tracing, new notebook, lined notebook, all the printouts of the schedules...the reference all printed out, the SF pix, Chads totem pole totems (flattened and ready to reassemble). Then there are the "which elements of the Quniform do I take?". The Quniform is like cuniform, only it's my garb, my Q-uniform.

A nice possible project came through the door having to do with local music and venues. It is still inception, but maybe some nice local portraits may happen. I think its design and illustration. Was working on a portrait of Jiri Harcuba (a Czech glass artist) for the ongoing series of small shows at the Museum of Glass ("The Masters of Studio Glass") and found the reference wanting. I went to Flickr and found an excellent image with nice features/nice gesture. I wrote the glass artist a note asking permission to use the image (Now, I am acting like a big girl!) and away we go. I am about half done. Its looking nice. Very spare...one color.

My Wood Duck image was accepted at Bagstabfor production. The image that got into the Society show got votes, but was shunned (too edgy? Liza Minella was dumped too). We will see if Little Richard makes it.

Kitty, Alex, Nigel and Mabin were all cutting and pulling, tearing and whacking weeds and wood. The backyard is getting in shape for the second half of the summer which goes from green to greybrown and leggy. Now, there is hope that leggy will be a bit more tailored and elegant. Nothing like 4 people between 15--19 all leaning into it together. Anything is possible. To that, Rick, the veggie stand man at the top of the hill wanted to know if Kitty and Alex wanted to do some farm work with him...and Kitty jumped on it, whipping out a pen with her cell number etc. Wow. Nothing like putting some cash in the bank, eh?