People pictures

Thanks to UC Berkley and the California Digital Library, these are two of the images of Olivia Langdon that surfaced for the Jean Tuttle and Nancy Stahl project for Hartford. I am getting a little steam around this with a choice or two of images (either the one from the entry earlier this week, or the gold framed one above). I like their indirect look, her focus and that she is young...about the time she met Samuel Clemens. I am also getting a bit revved about portraits in general and think (remembering back on a thesis idea which was shelved in the place of letting the pen and ink flow--which were a series of portraits of people Iknow in the village doing them as straight portraits or then taking it further and using my FAVE Holbein as the lead reference (but not as historical characters, more for color/pose/use of type). This could be good...and could speak to the interest Charles Hively has in my portraits. He is encouraging me to talk to publications about these portraits, and honestly I need to put a bit more time in on how to do them before I can go out an confidently say YES, I do portraits.

So, I am going to start by taking the pictures of the students I want to capture. There is an image of three triplet sisters (2 sets--one set very blonde and norwiegan looking, the other very delicate and dark very spanish looking). There is a lovely girl who absolutely changes in front of the camera...There is an outstanding strong featured cross country runner. Of course, there are Alex and Kitty and Mandibelle. I should get Mandy sooner versus later. So two triplet pictures and a bunch of singletons unless I do a brother and sister image too? Need some older people too. Definitely Rob. Maybe our carpenter, David, who has a very rugged and angular face. Lots of shadows. Maybe our 81 yr. old friend, Jim who has startlingly white hair and a twinkle. There are others...I will just need to list and edit.

Maybe this is a nice transition step.

I got the recent Creative Quarterly 15 and found that the portrait of Kitty that I did sat beautifully on a full page--beautifully designed and handled. Charles Hively's publications are 3x3 and Creative Quarterly. It is an honor to be in these pubs as he curates each page and scales/designs the images so skillfully, the publications are jewels in and of themselves.

The day awaits. I meet with the Stonecat owners as we are redoing their logo (a very odd catfish) with packaging and menus. There is an annual report for a client and a laundry list of honey-dos for my big customer.

Chet the Lawnmower man is knocking for his check.