Its a quarter to seven

...and it's still remarkably light and beautiful outside. Frost this a.m. but hope that we will get a bit more heat this week.

A bit lost right now. Need to get some traction on something to think about. I am still musing over valentines...not for this thesis...but 2 to 3 of them done vector using the pix I took at the Cornell Plantations of these blown out peonies and song birds (mooshing them together). I will use very delicate colors and make a confab (a la the Papillon Dog picture I did). Another, inspired by the mighty hands and arms shown in heraldry, holding a bouquet aloft with clouds behind them and a rosy heart with bugs.. Could be beautiful. Nonetheless, I am twisting in the wind as I need a new topic and the gears are not whirring. Should I engage in the pursuit of growing and gardening in prep for the holiday card for one of my clients. If I lean into that, the early September "OMG" might be ameliorated? Or masonic inspired images? or a Floradora doodle yi day? or finishing up the three spreads from the Lewin book? or even just complete the set of portraits I want to do of Alex, the Bialke triplets, the Oros triplets and Laura V. I just need to mop up the changes on this thesis and not do any more work specific to the paper etc.

My buttons came today. Postcards in a few days. New computer delivered...So, I have that to spend a day to boot up...

Contacted Elmira's Twain Center who sent me some images but really referenced UC Berkley's collection of letters, papers and objects surrounding Mark Twain and maybe images. I sent them a note this morning with a nice and prompt note with a link to their images of Twain in the California Digital Library. I have just downloaded a few images so I have a choice. A friend from SU recommended an old friend of his who is a Twain expert at Cornell to contact. I think I have got the images. I ordered a used copy of the "Love Letters of Mark Twain" to read. I really just need to layout this baby and see what goes. Also, need to create some textures for brushes (maybe some drawn ones? and some clips from etchings? or old photos). Need to get rolling before Chris Payne/ Gary Kelley's assignments hit. There will be work there too.

Dentist just called. We need to get Kitty and Alex to the oral surgeons as there might be the great taking out of wisdom teeth this summer. Like everything else, this has changed since my time...where they get the teeth when they are very small and nubby...eliminating all the pain, digging and awfulness that happens as one gets older. I was a bit shocked by the call...but as I settle into it, best to get these things behind us.

dinner on the horizon. Just a question of what..? Any ideas?