Notes before I start

Redrew the octopus valentine three times. I think I have it now. As R. keeps saying, that's what separates the work...strong design combined with everything else..and you know, the more you dog it, the better, tighter, more thoughtful the work becomes even if its just a bunch of simple lines. I think I may have something more scannable today so that the octopus can go to SF too. I will have a round dozen valentines and three looks at portraits for our contact period. I can keep working on the valentines post SF-- as I have a bunch more i want to do--but with the dozen, we could winnow it down to six and be done. Or even winnow it down to 4 and do two more and be done so I can work on other things like animals, the Garden of Eden, a series on superstitions, a series on monkeys, some chicken studies, finishing the Marie Antoinette line drawings and making a set from them...(that's an idea). I was looking at the Margaret Wise Brown Golden Book at Borders yesterday and thought about Easter and Spring pictures. Eggs give you a lot, and the animal quotient is there...Easter is a happy image time (except when you draw Friday and Saturday's religious pictures....then it gets good in a whole different way!). That fusion is an interesting idea.

Its rainy and deeply misty here. I dont understand it, but the last ski bus is today and though the weather isnt there--the teen beat decided that this was a fine thing to do...if anything just to hang out with their friends and drink tea all day. Fine with me, more time for studyhall.

Kitty got the other toe worked on yesterday with a treatment that may eliminate her need to have surgery on her foot for these toenail issues in the future. It wasn't as rugged yesterday--and she had greater spirits and bounce afterwards. I am happy we are on it immediately as her pain and internalizing has been sad during this time with these toes. I love it we can get resolution versus every three months coming back for more work, and more work, and more work though we love the doctor.

Spring is beckoning though I cannot get caught in the thrall. We always have snow into April...though things are unthawing a bit. The wonderbus is no longer a salt cake and the sedum are doing what I adore most, poking their little buds above ground to say "soon, soon". I am blessed the deer havent found them yet. Maybe all those grasses I got on sale in Corning will come up? and how about those rose bushes we put in? Maybe a posy or two? And the tree peonies continue to grow and bloom. So much to look forward to.