Some really nice news. I entered Creative Quarterly 15 and got a bronze, merit and runner up places. Creative Quarterly is devoted to design, illustration, photography, fine art--and the thinking, inspiration and reference that it takes to make these ideas active. There was an email yesterday posting who got in and the class of entry (with Jim O'Brien and Scott Bakal from both Syracuse and Hartford) but no idea of which piece(s) got in. We should know next week. And the cool thing I hadn't understood, the Creative QUARTERLY is a quarterly, with another submission deadline for May 1. Maybe the collection of valentines? And might have a few portraits...? And, the new choker album (one in the works...very nascent, but in the works none the less). The rolling exposure might be interesting...a focused approach to putting the face/the work out. Onward.

Back and forth on this piece for the West Coast designer. You know, I love working for only one Art Director, me. To that, R. had an unbelieveable idea that could use my current illustration hand effectively on product that we would produce and market through the shops at the Corning Museum of Glass-- which would be using what we know (R and me) about the market, about production methods etc. and outsource the making to the slew of talented people in Corning. We would design to a need (as the shops have a strong idea about what sells and what pricepoint). Slow going, small quantities which once we do a half dozen or so could be presented to someone like Crate and Barrel or to the cruise lines and crank it up. It is an opportunity to not make the paltry sums for the illustration and production knowledge we have and maybe be the ones to cash in. I am going to start researching this now. It would be a very interesting venture, a possibly explosive cash cow that we are in a good place to do. Could resurrect the college moneys lost. I am charged. Charged up.