Misty cold Monday

Wrote a bit yesterday afternoon--getting the marketing information, the biography and the Hartford information written and polished a teeny bit. Slugged in the valentines (need to caption). Started the intro. Plan on trying to do a section a day or so this week as time is ticking...and the captioning, the influence images/reference and captioning takes time. I was placing ink sketches in amongst the copy. I have been surprised by the quantity of scrap and spots I have. Really looks like something. I must admit, I enjoy the process of writing as much as I like writing and talking with you. it is very self revelatory that as the words hit the electronic paper, it winds ideas, thoughts and imaginings out, miraculously weaving them in places that just sedentary thinking might not do. There is a role for the subconscious in this free flow of words that seems like a second me, directing the thinking and where the ideas go.

We pencilled in our college trip for the week of April 13. We will be visiting Clark, Emerson, University of New Hampshire, Marleboro, and possibly RISD (for us...). There is all sorts of scheduling and form filling out, There are custom tours for arts students. There are general tours. There are interviews and information sessions. Oy. Too too much.

Back to the grind today. Tomorrow I get the car fixed (with a loaner for me--they promised). Need to finalize paperwork on the freezing damage from the lake--and get some notarizing which our lovely little village has at the Village Hall which also lets me gab with the nice moms and dads I know from school. Did I tell you one more time how much I love our little village?

Coffee awaits.