Sunday Morning

Still spewing valentines. There is the new Forever one in the cooker. I have a peacock in the wings. I would like to do an angel one, a Kitty one, an Alex one. But I might just stop after the peacock and call it the thesis (with additions as we go later). Am interested in a body of work based on the ideas from the Taschen book on Symbology combined with the current reading I am doing on Frieda Kahlo. Additionally, as a way to save my own bacon in the late summer, perhaps a body of work on the idea of growth and growing. This is inspired partially by Craig Frazier's topics he illustrates to stay in front of the corporate clients who want pretty much the same topics illustrated over and over again. I have the same problems, however, they dont like illustration except for illustration for the nondenominational, cultural bias'downplayed holiday card. They went for the tree of knowledge last year with great happiness...picked from a group of illustrations I was working on for the Garden of Eden. To think about it, growth was what they loved,so if I give it some muscle and have the time to open my head up a bit, this year could possibly be as simple as last. The holiday card has never been prework to make it easier is okay by me.

I am surprisingly looking forward to finishing the paper for the thesis. I have the peripheral work done, and as I think about the more specific topics--they do not seem insurmountable and once rolling, it should go fine. If I am not roped into a bunch of stuff today, hopefully I can begin to chip away at it. I am hoping to have the loose paper done by tax day to get to the HAS team for review prior to the pile on they will get May 1. Then, once we are back from the college look about tour, I will have a chance to amend, add and change to easily meet the June 1 deadline. After that, all I will need to focus on is framing and output. I converted the Sweetheart valentine to vectors and it is a ton of points and not a quick thing to scale, but none the less, its scaleable... I am hoping that the Love Lock snake valentine, and perhaps Forever might also go big 30x40 inches ish? I think it will be output, mounted to cintra and not framed. That would be big, bold and circus drop-centric. I love sideshow graphics/paintedd signs that are used in the crummy little country circuses that come through here and all the little local towns. Badly drawn but often very compelling...the sheer scale of these things make me very frightened of the poor person/animal on display> I have never paid the money to see the sight. The sign really does the job.

Bought a ton of groceries yesterday--Alice in Wonderland in the produce department. Mushrooms and parsley, cilantro and apples, field greens and scallions, green beans and asparagus. The formerly vacant refridgerator bulges. We have play rehearsals for K. all week with showtime starting Thursday> Saturday. A. is back in training and attempting not only running but high jump for Track. He seems to be intrigued by the flow of how one gets your body going in one direction and then up and over with all sorts of twisting and leaping to get over the bar. He's serious as he has goals already.

More later.