First Monday in February

Monday Monday. Went to the gym--did a little bit of this, a little bit of that--and its all getting easier and things dont hurt as much. Working on a portrait for the Museum of Glass (show signage/ show identifier) for a leading studio glass artist. Its back and forth...darks and lights, midtones and highlights--building and building, taking away and building back. Its a mantra, a study, a meditation. Hope I get some mileage on this and get it done today (or at least close).

Reading and studying the Mexican publishers/engravers. Am intrigued by the chapbooks and chapbook covers they did. Posada did well over 300 of them on all topics from music to love letters, to childrens topics etc. And the same ideas rolled around year after year for him to depict. I guess these publishing houses/engravers were the great patrons of mexican illustration in the second half of the 1800s clear through until the the taste and expression was formed by what sold publications. The schmaltzy use of flowers and birds have me on the edge of my seat, itching to give it a try. A day later and the beehive I shared with you is not quite there. However, thanks to the chat I had with Murray, I have plenty of amending and changing to do while I ponder the next steps. Plus, I have my Manhattan valentine (a pigeon with a love letter that says I love NY/NY skyline or central park bridge in bkgd.).

Snow is melting here leaving sheer ice behind. It should be on the warmer side this week, so everyone will get nuts thinking that Spring is here. Instead it is the traditional, mid winter fake out. I was remembering a spring break where it was in the 70s and the flowers were blooming...and then back to snow. But, that might have been the April break instead of February. We plan on a short jaunt to the east coast to start the college viewing next week. We have some in the Boston neighborhood, New Hampshire, Vermont. So, we will be busy, but at least we will have started this process too.