A wonderful warm day in February

I am combing through a lot of images in this mode. They are from the enormous body of work Posada did exclusively in the Chapbook area for the printer/publisher, A. Vanegas Arrovo. Love em. They def. give you a bit of confidence that everything doesn't have to be perfect all the time. But, the sheer tedium that Posada endured coming up with "Love Letters" every year, new and different for I am sure more than a decade. Or kids stuff, or Magical Clowns (what is not to love here)--really depicts the day to day tedium that this man endured. So, he earned his chops...and worked within the system. I was fascinated to find out that many of the second color plates of his engravings (many of these primary images had new type added and were reconfigured for new uses) were disfigured or destroyed so that the initial impressions of these images/plates became instantly more valuable. Given that these chapbooks were essentially novelties, or "trash"--no one collected, hoarded or saved these less than precious documents...so that the ones with complete veracity are amazing.

Working on my valentines. Changing color and beginning to do the most frightening thing, adding type. I know, I know...I am a graphic designer so type should be a piece of cake. The trauma is that I do not take the images I put type on very seriously...so its a yawn to see what happens. Now, I am fully invested...and I have to do this very risky thing...add type (and stir?). Oy. My world is frought with neurosis.

K and I went to Corning to have our teeth worked on. We had a lovely girl chat on the way down, and the most wonderful girly girl audio tape on the way back. It was wonderful. K had novacaine, so she was thrilled with what her mouth would and wouldnt do. A. was sick with coughs, phlem and malaise. Poor boy. Sleep helped and by dinner he was healthily pink, laughing and quoting rappers....versus Senor Catatonic who moved in for the last 24 hours.

Sleep beckons. I have a new valentine for you tomorrow!
You all are my valentine. Will you be mine?