Advent of the Advent Calendar

As you know, I have been working on pictures of St. Nicholas, Krampus, and reading and enjoying all the fru fru around the legends and tales of these characters. I was looking at Paul O. Zelinsky's Hansel and Gretel, and musing over the tremendously beautiful wooden/printed advent calendars I saw at Gillinghams. And bingo bango bam! I thought...25 days, 25 treats> why don't I post my holiday visual musings as an advent calendar! Why the heck not? So, today of days,(albeit three days into December), I start this journey with you. And, as a plus, I get you going to the new home (as of January 1) of the Rongovian Academy of Fine Arts.


The Advent Calendar is here>>

Might have an interesting food related product branding and packaging on the horizon. Need to write a proposal to the nice guy I spoke to on the phone. Plain speaking with some excitement around building a brand, a new product that is excellent in a very established niche. Expectations to sell at Walmart and Amazon. Now that I am writing this, I think I will propose doing this project for a percentage versus fees. There may be more here than what meets the eye. Hmmmm.

We had a trashy t.v. night last night from watching one of our all time favorite eighties movies: Sixteen Candles...with all of us (including Alex) sighing and laughing along with Mollie Ringwald and Michael Anthony Hall. And, quizzing each other on what ever happened to a lot of the actors in this movie who never were seen again...? Do you know? Then, after Alex went to dreamland, the night owl and I watched a movie about extreme plastic surgery from people that needed it to get through their day to people with body alteration (putting metal horns on their heads) to transgender changes. Whooweeee. Made the illustration a nice place to intellectually rest.