Glorious Morning

 Rob is off to New York for a meeting and then to Miami tomorrow morning for meetings and a little look at Art Basil Miami. Lucky duck. Its a beautiful sunrise--a gradient orange to peach to taupe to blue after a huge full moon shining like a star over the dark landscape. There is something lovely about getting up with Rob when he travels as it is such a quiet and still moment. I am working on some holiday pictures around St. Nicholas (his birthday is 12/06), and his companions. Am working on a face of Krampus--and will do some Krampus pix of the stealing of the children. Its a nice little respite. I was thinking of patterns and a star made of pinecones, a star made of St. Nicholas, a star made of candy...I know, I know, sappy stuff...but that is what is rolling out of this head. I got my order from felt and crafts (Nepal) with a few bags of these big felt balls (all different colors). I took a small grouping to Vermont, as we made Christmas tree garlands by stringing them. I am seriously thinking of trying to find a wreathe form to sew these fun little colored balls to....and make a door decoration this weekend. I am going to goad Kitty into finishing up her applications (Hampshire and 4 others got in under the wire for Early Action yesterday).So, plenty in plan to do in the next few days.