Wow! A week later

Wow! A week later and here I am. Time just seemed to take over--and somehow getting in here to write a bit seemed something difficult to do. The week held Christmas, Christmas Eve and oral surgery for both Kitty and Alex (two complete sets of Wisdom Teeth). As you can imagine--it was filled with holiday activity, cooking, nursing and for me, a bit of reading. So, its been pleasant, productive and quiet. I guess this is something we have all needed--having to wind down a bit-- and focus on ourselves as a group.

Amanda and Sonata are here for a month. Amanda is terrific and got engaged for Christmas. She has a beautiful ring of entwined twigs (in white gold) with yellow diamonds that is just perfect for her...and she is delighted in her situation. Sonata, her red heeler dog, is as cute and vocal as usual and has been herding us. I guess we have behaved properly as she has calmed down and follows her older sister Shady, peacefully. Amanda, Rob and the electrician extrordinaire, Jamie Z. are rewiring parts of the kitchen to allow us to begin to rearrange things to accomodate the wood cookstove that we have in the barn that is awaiting installation. So the stove is moving as is half of the cabinetry. The floor has a chunk of the 1940s linoleum cut out of it, so a chunk will be put in to make sure the locals do not trip. And so it goes.

Kitty and Alex were troopers with the teeth-- all four wisdoms each--with laughing gas and the whole works. It was ice packs and popcicles yesterday until dinner when they lapped down big bowls of cheese grits to their contentment. I mad a few hot packs (dried beans in tube socks) and microwaved them up for the heat treatment today. They seem much more chipper and game...and the medications have definitely worn off. So, they are back in more action today--and I predict before tomorrow, we will see even more gains.

Chad G., one of my friends and illustration inspirations, turned me on to Glossom yesterday. Glossom is another design/illustration/fashion etc. social site. I took a little time to put some work on Glossom--and we will see what happens. Behance has been a good place to post work and with Chad's positive input about Glossom, I hope it will be the same. I got the fun british project from Behance--so maybe something with really comes down to how many electronic fires you want to start and feed. I have this blog (my fave), Facebook which I have linked to Twitter, Linked in which is also linked to Twitter, Little Chimp, Behance, Figdig (which Chad has ditched and maybe I will too), and now Glossom. I also have a website and representation on the Society of Illustrators LA page as well. So, exposurewise, I have a few irons in the fire, but nothing that has yielded much but a happy "I'm out here" with not much payout. We will see. Vital few is important. The big question is which ones are the vital few?

Gotta get some work done on the Hangar Posters. I know this is immediate and I have a window of time to get them done. Some are overhauls (major) some tweaks...but January 1st in the offing along with FASFA work for Kitty and Financial aid forms for the schools she is most serious about. Yikes.