Tuesday before Christmas

I was perusing my visitors and discovered someone visited my site from the Looky Blog. I noted the author pointed up a link I had to a wonderful Finnish illustrator, Sanna Annukka. Looky's author has a site that is chock full of beautiful, gaphic illustrators that prompts this graphic design/illustrator to scratch her head and think that maybe a foray down this channel for a while might be amusing and fun. Looky's auther pointed up another inspired Finn, Sanna Paananen, whose's whok is whos work is shown above. Love the clean color, the inspired/retro shapes and the sheer design of this illustraton. The blog Grain Edit, has a page on Paananen>>. And, Paananen is represented by a truly inspired rep, Pekka>>. Sanna Mander's work at Pekka is also a kick in the pants. Love it.

So, wheels turning--I need to direct my thinking to fixing a fashion designers image, the logotype for an artisan bakery and finishing up the Hangar work. What with these exciting Finns, I might not be able to do anything today but cruise the internet and pretend I am one of them. My Tribe!

Lunch at the Heights today with the home team. Maybe Erich will figure out how to do more with this Squarespace page (Link Within)as well as moving more copy on to the top of the page. I am going to post live graphic work as well as the live illustration work to depict the work in progress. I think that will be a good exercise for myself.