Just beginning to brighten

It's just beginning to brighten. This is the time of the year that we have velvety dark mornings and nights and despite my growing to love this non bright time, the aspect of the Winter Solstice being on the horizon is reassuring. The deep darkness which falls around four thin the afternoon and doesn't brighten until well after eight in the morning used to be that pall that descended bringing sleep and quiet and short, short days. It doesn't feel that abrupt now. Maybe its the aspect that there is an end to all of this and that the brilliance of spring and summer will happen again, not very soon, but happen. The Easter feeling of rebirth and renewal is born in this time. Those ancestors who created the holidays in December really knew what they were doing.

More tilework in the post today. Am going to work on some nativity related illustration snapshots for a bit as a break from the wicked ones (Krampus etc.). I haven't even begun to fiddle with candy and presents and trees, so there is plenty to draw between now and when I morph over to another idea. Hansel and Gretel might be a good transition as they are filled with all the same, just a witch instead of Krampus, but same good/bad polarity--same evil grown-up working their ways on the youngers and the same kinky stuff (the witch is getting ready to eat Hansel, accompanied by the presence of irresponsible parents who had to dump their kids in a forest to make ends meet. Happy Tale! Happy concepts to make a child frightened and biddable. Yikes! As much as I adore this scary stuff, it really isn't the right message to grow strong, thoughtful, helpful and confident members of society. It really creates a very distinct boogey man ethos which builds on a strict environment of obedience and silence. Not exactly where I want to be to grow up. But the visuals, are a giant YIPPEE!

Speaking of the holidays, we have invited over 70 kids for a Yankee Swap Holiday party. I must say, this is going to be a homerun. I have just recently gotten into putting the feelers out for old fashioned things to throw out to the youngers as a novelty and something to gather around. And to my delight (though not a surprise as this crew likes cards and board games, they sing and dance when they gather) it is fun. So, we are asking for everyone to bring something they have received and wrap it up for our game. My brother attended a Yankee Swap and someone went home with a piece of taxidermy (a mounted Bear's butt) which I think speaks to how far out there some stuff is. There is a number drawn, and whoever gets the number is allowed to pick first. They unwrap their present and sit down. Number two does the same but can keep their present or exchange it with number one...and so on. As you go further and further into this, the range of things to swap for gets wider and wider until the first person is then allowed to swap with anyone in the room. And its done. We are also going to number the cups on the bottom and have a drawing or two of those numbers too (to give a good reason for everyone to hold onto their cups until the end). I am sure that candy or something from the present box (maybe zip drives) will factor into this equation. I ordered pizza bagels from the Regional Access along with some chips. Kitty and friends will chocolate dip some pretzel sticks. And maybe we will have some candy canes as well. I am thinking some sort of punch is in order too. Just need to research it.

I whaled on the work yesterday and got a ton done. Did some research on Draft Mules for an illustration as well as that of finches. So, maybe a day of vector work? That would be fun!

More later.