Where did the day go?

What a day! Productive! Wow. Moved a ton of little niddles off the desk, finalized, saved and sent to the printer. It really feels like everyone is trying to wrap things up. I may have time to really dig into the gratis stuff (illustration for some posters and for a few logotypes!) Yay! I may have a pressrun early next week in Rochester-- a three color job on uncoated paper that I keep being warned that it will not look like a job printed on coated paper. I am on the edge of saying that I have been around the block a few times and know this stuff...but its their job and I have to let them do it--that is, warning me that the final will be softer than the proofs. There are bills that need to get out--and POs that need to happen--so its pedal to the metal and then a quick stop. Shreeeeeekkkk!

Was messing around with quarter page pictures and tiles of that...and putting them together in a bunch of ways--thinking about overlaps, about frames and the like.I have a bee in my bonnet to put this stuff down. Am thinking about the Three Kings, and a Mary/baby J. picture.

We have Bruce for a day or so more. Its been very pleasant and familial with him around as we have known him forever, and he seems to love Trumansburg, Ithaca, and the entire hometeam. He settles in well and brings his own oatmeal in a box when he visits. Plus, for Alex and Kitty, he brings a new point of view from the other old farts (number one old person speaking).

Am mesmerized by "The Lovely Bones" on the Kindle. I wasn't expecting to be enchanted, but am but at the same time, terrorized.

Ordered a list of yummies from the Regional Access from a palette load of pesto for Boy Wonder, some frozen pizza bagels and chips for our holiday party for friends of the youngers, and some chocolate to make into truffles with Kitty. Man, I love that operation. I was perusing the list of things offered--thinking of all the things I could do with the cheese, bread and bones available.

More Later>