left foot, right foot

Made a great soup with the stock from the weekend. Just added 3 types of mushrooms (portobellos, shitakes, oyster)with parsley, 3 pieces of hard peasant bread and a handful of those mini carrots. Cooked em down until the carrots were soft. Used the hand chopper to puree. Splash of 2% milk. Done. No effort. Delish. I am so into this making stock thing. Use it all up--and processed a mess of veggies that were minutes from becoming compost. Now, it feeds the team--with comfort food we all adore. Did you have a chance to hear Mark Bittman (my all time favorite) talk about the carbon footprint attached to food this morning on NPR. Really speaks to me--making a compelling argument for reducing meat consumption (health, environment etc)and considering the impact an individual's eating program can effect on the environment. Not even considering health...which goes hand and hand with the environment. Good for everyone.

Trip to the House of Health today. Split my time so I had 20 min on a bicycle, 20 on the treadmill and 15 lifting weights. This is a real deal...and not a snooze. It was great. Going to do this again tomorrow.

Back to amending files for the big company. Need to sweep the desk clean to get back to clean new work. Am being a bit tortured as they want high tech images for free...(read, my Shutterstock account)--and Shutterstock has its limits. Really has it's limits...So, the end product suffers. But, it is what it is. Better than a MSWord design that was going direct to customers.

Time for valentines!