cold day on the plateau

Busy. Had all sorts of fun last night at the Rongovian Embassy celebrating with the fun Rongovians complete with the Rongotron, great dancing with The Destination, costumed individuals and a ton of people I love to chat it up with. My goodness, we are so lucky to have such a nice community of people. There were spangly hats, tuxedos, people wrapped in flags and even a guy that looked sort of like a cross between a shaman and someone from Bladerunner. Too cool for this school.

This morning, R. was out and on the road by 5:30 a.m. to get to the plane to go to NYC for the Winter Antiques Show set up for the Museum of Glass. The Museum is the featured institution for this event--and thus the trip and presence by R. So, it was early up and going. Did a bit of dinner shopping as I knew my private and personal time was to be spent in the afternoon with the insurance assessor looking at the possible damage at the Luckystone which was very interesting and action oriented which was very solid for me. It is something we can sequentially act upon to get results versus the big old head scratch that I have been experiencing. I also have an evening meeting of the Moms with kids in the school play. So, frozen food is in order.

Lots of business stuff with the creation of the 1040s, the writing of the W9s etc. More fun than you can shake a stick at. Also, I feel pretty great as I was worrying about the ethics of a project I was going to work on--and resigned the project before it even happened as it conflicted with my thinking and honestly, my sleep. So, I feel a mile high as in all things, "do the right thing". Plus, I may be able to do a good turn for friends of mine.

Working on a valentine with a prod from a primative indian tiger. Round teeth, curly tongue and hindu inspired valentine. Lots of yellows and corals/ pale blue and white. A delicate palette might be fun to do. I was also thinking of getting back into the derivative palettes we worked with this summer. Perhaps a Vermeer colorway for an indian picture?