Bees on my brain. Finally. Did a bunch of sketches which were big messes to have one gel this a.m. on the phone with a client who was talking about the bad state of things at her job (dependent on a trust set up to run the entity she works for) and what the concerns for the next year was. I tried to be sympathetic (which I was) despite the fact I was hitting with a sketch thatt might go somewhere with the bees. Will need to do a few more to see how this could go...but I am onto it. Did a few images yesterday during study hall. One is of a bird singing with love confetti coming out of it's beak. Another is a lady (in the line drawing mode) that has a hat that evolved into her nose that is made up of love confetti with a plume in the shape of a heart too. Corny and maybe too cute. Then, I did two "frames"--decorated frame areas leaving a blank heart negative to build a picture inside. Now this bee thing that started as a tree frame and now is a real illustration versus a damned "spot" (out out, damned spot) with a ground and a sky and a bug and flowers and a skep. Love the imagery. Need to blow it out. Saving all of this heart stuff you you guys in February. Fourteen Days of LOVE. I will give you pieces until theen.

Also output a bunch of things to tint with watercolor. Small steps, but I am getting there. I am just loving the ink right I will get to the watercolor when I get to it.

House of Health was fun. Back on the machines with everyone in the universe. It felt good to be up high, looking over the inlet all white and covered with ice and snow, listening to a book, looking at the shapes of the trees. It is a good thing to do. Need to schedule a flu shot (school nurse said it wasnt too late). Also, need to start shaking the trees at the school re some not so good teaching. Need to get Alex tutoring mid year to keep up with what isn't being conveyed in school. Gotta go, the day is speeding by.