snowing like it means it.

We just got back from taking Kitty to the Metropolitan Opera at the movie theatre. We saw Puccini's La Rondine with all of us loving every minute of it. Lets just say, we are going to see all of them. Not only did our 16 yr old love it, she cheered and squealed with delight over the comedy, the costumes, the sets and the behind the scenes antics that this HD broadcast provided. Plus, we got a peek at a movie about young opera singers and she is mad to see it. So, I think we will have a wonderful winter of seeing this at Regal. Plus, if you go to the Met site>> you will see that you can view older presentations (as rentals) which looks fabulous and a good way for those interested in learning about Opera to get a low risk dose. Hmm, Aida tonight or the Magic Flute? This is brilliant thinking on the part of the Met as it extends their reach into our living rooms, makes opera less "special" and more accessible to everyone and develops a new audience (which from glancing around the theatre--we were all the "young ones" not just Kitty). Good thinking all the way around. Plus, it is quality production and thinking in the HD piece, so the Met brand is solid and continues to be singular in its presentation wheither you are at Lincoln Center or Lincoln Center via the Mall.

We got out of the theatre and it was snowing to beat the band. Snowing so much that I wonder if Ski club will happen as they are promising 10" to 12". Yikes!

I am working on a sidebar series of illustrations around valentines day. One with birds, done. I am working on one with a bee skep and bees that could be sweet too. What has been interesting is taking these spots and plunking them into a rectangle and blowing it out a bit more. Over the top decorative...and after seeing what is happening, I want to take this approach out a bit as the decorative obsessiveness (as Murray frames up an aspect of decorative illos) is wild. A few little spots that have emerged would be perfect to propose to Steuben, which we might, pending the process. I would rather put the work out as an offer versus responding to less than strong direction. More "this is what we have, interested?". I have come to understand that this is the way I want to work. My problem stems from art direction. I am a pretty good one myself, so to take direction from someone not on my level is the project needs to be fat financially or a treat in order for me to have patience for that sort of thing. My work with the Museum is directed, but I am good with that as I know the players and do other work for them beyond illustration.

Must go and make some dinner. Its late and we didnt eat lunch. We just wallowed in italian music with the conclusion of the opera being the love interest leaving her boyfriend because his mother "wouldn't understand". And if the mother was angry, who would make the sauce?