La Loca, ME.

Rushing around like a nut. Got back to the House of Health today--and am climbing the eternal mountain at a set speed. Listening to a biography on Katherine of Aragon and her crazy sister Queen Juana of Spain. I am feeling a bit like Queen Juana, who was wierdly obsessive...and was going to be shut away by her husband, Philip the Fair (a that key-razy chin) until Philip dropped dead. I feel more like the wild and obsessive Queen need to imprison, quite yet. It was great looking out the window over the inlet, with the still green trees, mounding into shapes I am trying to press into my brain, looking at the color variation and how tree next to tree renders itself different and distinct from its neighbor.

Philip the Handsome (left), Juana La Loca (right)

Got more work to do on the posted Peacock. Murray and Paul Z. weighed in on the big feet/leg thing. Murray wants the tail to connect to the bird. Can do. Also have a few Museum projects on deck and some identity work for other clients. Need to nail down some of the Christmas cards. Also, need to get the company card done and printed (simple cards) so we can generate lists/output labels and get them done and ready for November 1.