Slow Sunday.

Baldwinsville is a for real little Upstate Canal town with a vital main street and nice residences. The Central School is beautiful, huge and well maintained (making me a bit jealous)with a nice cross country trail. The day was perfect--blue skies, low humidity, sun with green grass, and lots of all different teams, runners and individuals in multicolored uniforms eating apples and stretching. We had a chance to see A. run...very well to our thinking as part of the Junior Varsity team. He was pleased with his time. Being part of the pack, the team was equally pleasant as they all took naps together waiting for their race. The Tburg team in general, given their small size as a group, but their big heart did quite well. I cannot say enough of the camaraderie and spirit this group has...and how it has so wonderfully swept Alex into its wake. An absolute highlight of his new freshmanhood.

K, R and I went to the Home Despot to buy fixures and sinks for the emerging two bathrooms. Turns out, the sale bins really paid out. Our favorite sink we put into the Luckystone was well over half off and we found some european fixures which were simple and elegant, not a gorped up interpretation of vintage hardware--that were cheap...(also on a sale shelf). It was a haul, but a good one.

Then it was home to drawing, reading, and of course, making dinner. It was an early night and a slightly later morning with pancakes and invitations to address.

I hope to put some time into drawing for my holiday pictures. Additionally, I have Art Trail coming up and need to put some thought around how to configure the house, what to sell etc.

More later.