quick note

Lovely evening with gold and pink water so warm and beautiful. The bowl of clouds surrounded us all as the dog swam out with us with all kids and friends and the grownups. Wonderbus is getting the full treatment with the brakes and a repair of the magic doors.

Working on layouts for a catalog on Japanese Poetry Prints for the Johnson Museum of Art at Cornell. It truly is a puzzle with all sorts of copy types needing to be placed (text, poetry in japanese and english), attribution and of course the image. I thought I could push this more than I can with the parameters in place. Tweaking the type, weights/sizes, sans serif/serif. Gotta use "Pro" fonts as there is the right japanese punctuation marks integrated into the font). Today it will be thought out to present by Thursday.

Spent a bit of time this morning pondering the Kay Nielsen book I got at the Eric Carle Museum. What a teacher for all of us decorative guys. Nielsen, Beardsley, Harry Clarke, and more. Need to get my papers done so I can start going crazy drawing.